You want entertainment but you also want to connect more to the world around you.

My memoir stories tend to begin in the dead of night but often lead us to flickering prairie lights that luminate a communal space for us to gather.

Read my artist profiles to connect with the area and garner honest insight by local artists as they pursue the creative arts.


Who am i

I'm Jenny, a nonfiction writer who shares honest stories about herself and other people to forge a bridge between you and me. We all have a history, stories we hang onto or can't seem to lose. My memoir stories are written for you to know you're not alone especially as women of a particular age - growing into ourselves through our 20's, 30's, 40's, and beyond is an adventure but also at times, very trying as we work to improve ourselves, take care of our families, prove ourselves professionally while searching for what we seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over.  

My magazine profiles and the people in in my books - Back Story and American Scar Stories - are everyday people who share their life experiences through honest stories and sharing thoughts that are often left unspoken in everyday conversation.

As well as connection, as a writer I want to give you a good story, a short entertainment break. Not all my stories are edgy, some of them are funny, some of them are quiet. All of them are short so you can read them as you drink a quick coffee in between the daily busyness of life.


Jenny Cutler Lopez is the author of the award-winning Who I Am: American Scar Stories and the creator of Back-Story: First Time Tales by the Stranger Next Door. Her essays and articles are found in magazines and journals which include East City ArtKurt Vonnegut Memorial Library‘s annual anthology, Northern Virginia MagazineHippocampus Magazine; Split Lip Magazine, 10 Habits of Truly Optimistic People; Inscribed, and Saturdays@9. She has published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry since 2006. Jenny holds a B.A. from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a M.A. from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. She lives in Virginia.

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Jenny is a kind and passionate being with an art for truly sensing your inner being. Because of her presence as a person, I trusted her to write about the most painful period of my life. Not all authors care about their subjects and have the ability to truly connect as Jenny does. I will always consider her a trusted confidant.
Krystian Leonard - Miss West Virginia Collegiate 2015 and President of Shining Scars


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10 fun facts about me

1. I am from Newfoundland - middle of nowhere Newfoundland. I grew up on the outskirts of a town of 5000 people and I learned to swim in a river and ate hunted moose meat on a regular basis

2. I can jump rope like a professional boxer. I have lots of cool jump rope tricks.

3. I am a gym rat which I found out many writers are. Weight lifting and writing seem to work well together.

4. I love to travel by myself. I hitchhiked across Canada at 17, rode a motorcycle across the US when I was 22, and went to school in southern India for 4 months and traveled the country by myself when I was 29. I have been to 43 of 50 states and plan on seeing the last 7. Next year I will follow Henry Miller's book Airconditioned Nightmare and head to Biloxi Mississippi and New Iberia Louisiana

5. I dream up entire novels as I sleep. Too bad I dont' write fiction :)

6. I have 3 black cats and 2 kids. 1 husband. :)

7. I only read hardcopy books. I spent so many years in university that I tend to quickly scan any text I see on a screen so e-books are out for me.

8. I learned how to drive a stick-shift by borrowing my brother's car when he lived overseas and drove it 14 hours back to my university. By the time I arrived I was an expert.

9. I love punk music.

10. I have a green thumb.