Celebrity Scars: Beauty In Imperfection

Wabi Sabi. Beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Coined by the Japanese Buddhists, this shift in understanding of beauty deconstructs perfection, allowing beauty to become un-plasticized, un-sterilized, messy, colorful, subjective. The worn beauty of faded houses perched in unkempt grasses or the aging or the cancer survivor scarred and wrinkled.

For photography and stories about how physical stars change a person’s life, check out American Scar Stories The book won the 2014 Best Nonfiction Howey Award and rocks 5 stars on Amazon AND Goodreads.  

Below, check out celebrity scar stories of five gorgeous men.

Jason Momoa

Scar Story: Hit in the face with a beer glass during an argument in a bar in 2008. 140 stitches and reconstructive surgery.

Random fact: His scar has its own Facebook page.

Norman Reedus

Scar Story: In 2005, he visited Berlin for the film festival. He was a passenger in a car that was hit by a bus.  45 Stitches and metal plate under left eye socket.

Random fact: He created an intriguing photography book of interesting looking people entitled The Sun’s Coming Up….Like A Big Bald Head.

“I had 45 stitches across my left eyebrow so now I have a cool scar across my eyebrow. (His director friend) Christian actually checked me out of the hospital a little bit early. I went to Los Angeles and directed a little film that got into the New York Film Festival this year. So out of a bad situation I got a little directing credit.” Source

Michael K. Williams

Scar Story: 25th birthday shindig ended in a bar-room brawl in Queens

“I entertained a conversation I would have normally ignored and I zigged when I should have zagged and that’s how I ended up with this buck fifty.” Source

Harrison Ford

Scar Story: Driving to work as an assistant buyer in 1964. His car slammed into a telephone pole – his face slammed into the steering wheel.

Quote: “When I first moved to Hollywood, I had a job as an assistant buyer in the knick knacks and oil paintings department. I was on my way to work with one of those first cars with a seat belt and I was fumbling around with it and got in an accident.” Source

Joaquin Phoenix

Scar Story: Born with a scar over his lip. Speculation it is a microform cleft, a mild form of a cleft lip.

Unsourced quote circulating the web: When my mom was pregnant with me she was in a hammock on the beach and she got these intense pains, and she felt as if some force, God or whatever, had caused this. Then I’m born. A few weeks later she takes me to the doctor, he sees me and says, `Who did this harelip operation? That`s the best operation I`ve ever seen.` Mom said, `No one. He wasn`t born with a harelip.` I was just born with the scar.

Rosanna Guillot

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