2016 Baby Canvas 5 Piece Set $50.00

2016 Baby Canvas 5 Piece Set $50.00

2016 Individual Baby Canvas $10 each

2016 Individual Baby Canvas $10 each

2014 Who I Am: American Scar Stories (SoLo Publishing)

Who I Am: American Scar Stories book video trailer.

Transforming tragic circumstances into joy. Learning to look upwards and outwards at how we fit into the world. The true stories in Who I Am: American Scar Stories tell us what it is like to have our lives interrupted by physically scarring life changing events. Using portraits and storytelling, you will discover the turning point for Kona Triathlete World Champion BethAnn Telford, childhood cancer survivor Courtney Ott, attempted murder victim José Rios, and nine other men, women, and children. The book provides support to readers with scars and thought-provoking stories for all readers as they are carried into the struggles and healing of people brought to life through glossy photographs. Who I Am: American Scar Stories celebrates the strength of the human spirit and illuminates how the human race draws from deep wells of tenacity and optimism to transform lives. A perfect gift for a person with scars; the perfect book for readers who want to feel and connect with others.


Amazon Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Jenny Cutler Lopez' WHO I AM helps us define what we're made of. By Cyrus WebbTOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on June 9, 2014

Every now and then something comes into your life that makes you not just grateful for the gift of life but for the challenges you have overcome. Such a thing is WHO I AM by Jenny Cutler Lopez.

I read this book with great wonder, as it helped me to get into the lives of individuals who some in the world will judge by their scars or outer appearance when it is their resilience and courage that should be applauded. What Jenny does is helps us to not just see how easy the individuals she profiled could be us, but also forces us to ask the question of ourselves would we be able to be as brave as they are.

Amazon Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring book about human resiliency. By Emma Hutchinson May 23, 2014

I just finished this book this afternoon. It is truly a beautiful book of stories (with pictures) from 12 different people reflecting on their scars: how they came to have these scars and how the scarring experiences and even the scars themselves have affected their lives. The book reflects to me the redemptive power of healing – whether physical, spiritual, emotional, etc – that is often present throughout the difficult experiences that most humans face at some point in their lives. The tales are at various times touching, heartbreaking, humorous, squirm-worthy, wise and always inspiring with their reminder of the resiliency of the human body and spirit. I would highly recommend this book as an interesting and uplifting read.


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